Urban Exploration

What is Urban Exploration ???

Urban Exploration or we commonly abbreviated as Urbex, urbex is a photo about anything that it was dark and most of all photo it has a blue effect in it, but it’s not an effect from the camera it was edited by a photoshop or what i like to use is Adobe Lightroom, okay now is how urbex photo looks like, you look at the photo below this paragraph.


This what it called Urbex

how to edit a photo to make it look like that photo / Urbex photo

follow this steps only for Adobe Light Room :

  1. Insert the photo that you want to edit.
  2. Decrease the temperature til it looks more blue to the photo dont use it to much or your photo could be bad we dont want to look like that.
  3. Decrease the exposure so it can go more dark for the photo use it sufficiently.
  4. Contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks you can edit with your own imagination.
  5. You need to increase the clarity so the photo can be look rough because we dont want the photo look soft.
  6. Vignetting is to make it look black or white shadows at every edge of the photo i suggest dont use it to much black and dont use white shadows, but back again everything is your imagination.
  7. And the others you can use your imagination to edit it.

That’s all what i can tell to you bro’s

Thank you so much for reading this blog it mean a lot for me and dont forget to leave a like and a comment to support me

Thank You





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